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The XSEDE-IS information warehouse contains infrastructure information from various sources that is cross-referenced and made available thru web APIs. These web APIs are grouped by target user audience and based on where the information they access is from:

  • General Discovery APIs: are the most useful APIs for developers/users by integrating information from all available sources
  • Specific Source APIs: provide access to information from a single source
  • Client Tool APIs: provide access to the combination of information needed by specific client tools

Each of these API groups are described in more detail below. All these APIs return information in JSON format. Some also return information in XML, CSV, and HTML formats. The following (Swagger) self documentation describes each API's URLs and arguments:

A detailed Design/Security Review description is here.

General Discovery APIs

These are the best APIs for the general user community and provide all the available infrastructure information from all available sources.

API Name Description
glue2-views-api All available network accessible services and command line application software information published using the GLUE2 information model.
monitoring-views-api All available monitoring information.
outages All available resource outage information.
projectresources Views showing which resources each allocation has access to.
resource-api Cross institutional research information technology discovery (training, consulting, software, services, etc.)
resource-status-api Comprehensive views of resource status information, including the declared operational status in RDR, outage status, monitoring/testing status, batch system status and utilization, and dynamic resource information publishing status.
warehouse-views Comprehensive resource and software views, including pages viewable with a browser (HTML).

Views of information from the Research Software Portal:

  • Enterprise services; packaged software; cloud images; container and vm list of catalogs; community software & services; science gateways
  • XSEDE required SP component details
  • Software/service support organizations


Specific Source APIs

These APIs access or maintain information from a specific source.

API Name Description
glue2-db-api SP resource batch system, compute nodes, accelerator nodes, network services, applications/software, and batch jobs published in OGF standard GLUE2 format using the IPF publishing tool.

For posting new GLUE2 information into the warehouse. 

monitoring-db-api INCA and Nagios monitoring/testing results.
monitoring-provider-api For posting new Monitoring information into the warehouse.
processing-status Access the status of internal information services processing functions and recent processing errors.
rdr-db Access RDR information.
speedpage Access Speedpage information.

Views of information from the XSEDE Central Database "XCDB":

  • Select resource information
  • Map of XSEDE users to local SP usernames


Client Tool APIs

These APIs access the information needed by specific tools.

API Name Description
goendpoint-api XSEDE's Globus Transfer Endpoints based on the GridFTP servers that SPs have advertised using IPF.
xdinfo API used by the xdinfo command line tool.