XSEDE Resource Details

Resource: spruceknob.wvu.xsede.org None
Site: wvu.xsede.org None
SP Level: XSEDE Level 3
XCDB Name: None
RDR Status: production From '2013-11-15' thru '2021-08-01'
Description: Spruce Knob is a HPC Cluster that has compute cycles freely available for anyone in higher education throughout the state of West Virginia. The system is refreshed annually. WVU's High Performance Computing facilities (including Spruce Knob) are funded by the National Science Foundation EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Cooperative Agreement #1003907, the state of West Virginia (WVEPSCoR via the Higher Education Policy Commission), the WVU Research Corporation and faculty investments.
RDR ID: 115
Updated At: 2016-08-14T18:12:58.439000Z